Ladies Wide Calf Boots

The Fashion Way For Women With Large Calves


Sick and tired of those old and back dated styled shoes only because your calves are wide and not all shoes fit your feet? Ill fit shoes are very uncomfortable to wear especially if you are an outdoor person. You get exhausted easily because your ankles and legs start paining with little activity. Wide boots are the exact shoes that you need but the problem is where to get them. You have hunted almost all the shoe stores of all the malls in your locality. We will tell you how and where to get these extra wide calf boots.

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Today all the leading brands have introduced their wide shaft boots range because they have realized that they have ignoring a large segment of their potential customers. To market them, the brands like Naturalizer, Fitzwell, Type Z and other brands have launched large calf boots. If you have their outlet in you town, you will get these boots there. Also many stores keep different brands. You can ask for your particular choice, they might show you one.

Another way is to go online. If you have selected a trusted brand, you can rest assured about the comfort factor. All you need to do is select your preferred design, color and place the order. The websites provide you with overview of the boots from every angle along with the measurement. So before finalizing the order, measure the size as well as the contour of the feet and buy accordingly. There is another variety called extra large wide calf boots. If you think usual wider ones are smaller, opt for them.

Each of us has a different pattern of feet. If your calves are narrow, may be toes are long, someone has wide calves but small feet. The shoe companies manufacture the average shaped shoes. Since wide calves are not very common, the wide boots are rare to find as well. Few brands manufacture these customized shapes. The shafts of wide shaft boots are wide to give you the comfort. You can place you feet with ease which allows proper blood circulation in legs, feet and ankle.

Previously you had no choice but to opt for either comfort or the style. But with famous brands offering extended calf boots, you can have both style and comfort at the same time. So, you don't have to feel skeptic about outdoor activities. You can walk your way with wide shaft boots.

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